On Giving Tuesday, Give to the Grassroots!

On this #GivingTuesday, our National Director Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap and Grassroots Director Keyan Bliss are in back-to-back meetings with Congressional offices to grow our list of co-sponsors for the #WeThePeopleAmendment. They will be in DC all week.

Support the grassroots movement to abolish corporate personhood by making a #GivingTuesday donation!

Grassroots donations from people like you bought their travel.

Grassroots donations from people like you paid for their lodging.

And grassroots donations from people like you have supported the past decade of labor that has brought us to this incredible moment -- 66 cosponsors for House Joint Resolution 48 in the House, and a Senator (TBA very soon) who has committed to introducing a companion bill into the Senate next year!

We are in a key moment -- and we need your support more than ever to keep up our momentum!

Please donate to the movement to amend the constitution, and help us keep up the momentum!

We are 100% grassroots funded with a small national staff team -- our average donation is only $40. There is truly something magical about being powered by people, because with our very modest funding, we have accomplished so many near-miraculous things! 

And next month -- on the 10-year anniversary of the Citizens United decision - we are all in for #J21, a national day of action with sit-ins in congressional offices all over the U.S.!

Support direct action, because direct action gets the goods! Make a donation today.

And whether or not you can give - MAKE SURE YOU CALL YOUR REPS AND SENATORS THIS WEEK and let them know you want them to support HJR48 (for senators, you can say HJR48’s companion bill that will be in the Senate next year).

With Kaitlin and Keyan doing meetings and drop-ins in DC all week, this is a powerful time to be making your calls!

So many ways to support this movement, today and all year round.