MTA turns 12 Years

It's hard to believe. But twelve years ago today, twelve organizers and activists were sitting together in a living room, discussing what should be done in response to the terrifying Citizens United vs. FEC case that was being heard by the Supreme Court, expecting that it would pass.

These organizers weren't new to the problem of corporate constitutional rights. But what brought them all together -- from all corners of the country -- into that living room was the understanding that this case was getting the kind of national attention that could finally kick off the kind of movement would be required if we were to ever solve the problem of corporate personhood.

And on that day, Move to Amend was born.

And we've been been building this movement for a constitutional amendment ever since -- that would make clear that corporations are not people, and money is not free speech. We've come so far in 12 years but history is clear that movements for deep systemic change are a marathon and not sprint. Donate today to help us keep the momentum going, so we can win!

We've always been solely grassroots-funded, with a small national staff and board supporting hundreds of passionate volunteers doing incredible work all over the US.

Which is why we are SO proud of our accomplishments over these past 12 years. Just to name a few:

  • 479,000+ Motion to Amend signers

  • over 800 resolutions passed passed at the city/county level

  • over 300 local ballot measures (and ALL BUT ONE passed!)

  •  20 states and upwards of 705 communities have passed public resolutions in support of a 28th Amendment, as of December, 2020
  • House Joint Resolution 48, the #WeThePeopleAmendment, is now up to 79 cosponsors -- but remember the goal is 100 co-sponsors, so that means there’s still work to be done and we could use your help!

All of this has been accomplished thanks to individual donations averaging $40. We think that's incredible.

We hope we don't need to be around for another 12 years. But we are in it to win it -- because we know the David and Goliath fight against corporate rule cannot be won without this kind of fundamental change. 



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