It's past time to Move the Senate to Amend!

It's past time to Move the Senate to Amend!

We need strong senators, and we have long-time supporters in the running!

Representatives Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee and Katie Porter from California districts are running to succeed Dianne Feinstein who will be retiring from the Senate.

All three have been co-sponsors of the We the People Amendment!

This gives us a great opportunity to work on getting the We the People Amendment introduced in the Senate, and we need your help.  

**It is already introduced in the House and has continued to gain co-sponsors -- 44 so far since its April introduction -- thanks to lobbying by Move to Amend supporters.**

We rely on your support to continue this vital work!

Voters understand that corporate rule has a stranglehold on our lives.

Whether we are talking about clean air and water, access to healthcare, the profiteering incentives of war, the future of our planet, gun violence, a livable wage, supporting small businesses, or most other issues facing society today… the #1 roadblock is corporations wielding constitutional rights and money defined as political speech.

Although the election is not until 2024, now is the time to begin lobbying each California candidate for Senate to Pledge to Amend as a Senator We need to secure their Pledges - and then hold them to it!

Please help us to fund and staff this effort by making a donation to Move to Amend.  It is vital that we hit the ground running right away to make the most of this opportunity.

Every dollar helps us move closer to our goal of passing the We the People Amendment and restoring democracy to the people.

Can we count on you?

It's past time to Move the Senate to Amend!