Michael on Capitol Hill

Today, we're reaching out with an urgent appeal.

We need your help to amplify our message and keep our Congressional momentum up. Here's why your action is crucial:

We're rallying behind HJR 54, the We the People Amendment (now up to 84 co-sponsors), and Move to Amend National Team member Michael Tucker recently took on Capitol Hill to advocate for its passage. 

Loaded with information packets, he met with key legislative staff and left materials for many others. His goal was clear: garner more support for HJR 54.

Michael's efforts have already borne fruit. Some representatives showed strong interest, while others promised to review our materials. However, to build the political will needed to gain more co-sponsors, your continued pressure is vital. They need to hear from YOU.

We need your voice, your passion, your unwavering commitment to our shared vision.

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Your generosity fuels our grassroots efforts. Without your support, we can't organize in-person events, advocate for change, or make our voices heard on the Hill. Your gift matters more than ever.

Every dollar you contribute goes directly toward empowering our movement. With your support, we can continue our fight to put corporations in their place and an end to money in politics. Together, we can build a future that works for all of us -- where every voice is heard, where we build a nation that reflects our values and priorities.

With your support, we can make this vision a reality. Your gift is the key to unlocking a brighter future for us all.

Thank you for your unwavering support. Together, we can create a future that truly represents the people. Please consider making a gift today and joining us in this vital fight.

With love and determination,

Alfonso, Jennie, Tara, Ambrosia, Shelly, George, Daniel, Margaret, Michael, Jessica, Katie, Keyan, Greg, Cole, & Jason 

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