May Day Recap

This past weekend in Chicago was nothing short of transformative, and it’s all because of your unwavering support.

We had an incredible series of events in Chicago with the Alliance for Just Money, and we’re on the brink of even greater change. But we can’t do it without you.

The events began on Firday with delivery of a letter to the Chicago Federal Reserve calling for the financial industry end creating money out of thin air as debt. Corporate constitutional rights have armed banking corporations with the political power to privatize/corporatize money creation and distribution, which should be a public function that promotes economic justice. The financial industry is one of the largest in terms of money invested in political campaign contributions and lobbying to maintain the status quo.



The screening of "Outgrow the System" took place that evening. This thought-provoking documentary, followed by a lively Q&A, highlighted the critical need for monetary reform (i.e. make money creation a public function with no debt/interest). We underscored how the Alliance for Just Money’s mission aligns with our We the People Amendment (HJR 54). This amendment is vital for reclaiming democracy by ensuring that only people have constitutional rights, not corporations, and that money is not equivalent to speech. The energy was palpable, and the connections we made were invaluable.

Also that evening, we gathered at Heaven Gallery for an inspiring night of updates and discussions. The conversations were great. This event re-energized our commitment to strengthening our in-person presence, especially with the Democratic National Convention coming up in Chicago. Our discussions focused on how HJR 54 is critical to our mission and how we can amplify our efforts in the Chicago area.

On Saturday, we joined the Mayday for Money March and Rally. Starting at the Calder Flamingo, we marched to the Federal Reserve, rallied, and leafleted to raise awareness of the proposed American Monetary Reform Act (AMRA) 2024 and the #justmoney system. The atmosphere was electric, with musicians, chants, posters, collaborative art, and inspiring speakers. We highlighted how the We the People Amendment is essential for achieving true monetary reform and economic justice.

That evening, we explored the imaginative world of monetary reform with a staged reading of "Fantopia: A Parable About Money." The performance and discussion captivated everyone, providing a fresh perspective on why reform is essential. We tied this narrative back to the We the People Amendment, illustrating how it’s a foundational step toward comprehensive monetary reform.

We concluded with a session titled "What’s Next for Monetary Reform?" We emphasized the need to incorporate the We the People Amendment into the Alliance for Just Money’s strategic plans. This collaboration is key to advancing our shared goals and driving real change. HJR 54 is the cornerstone of our strategy to reclaim democracy and ensure economic justice.

Because of you, we’ve made significant strides. But our work is far from over. Your support allows us to build coalitions, educate the public, and push for legislative change. Your generosity fuels our mission and advances HJR 54.

Please donate today. Every dollar counts and helps us stretch further, ensuring we continue to deliver results. Your contribution can help us be a catalyst for change and drive HJR 54 to success.

Thank you for believing in our cause and for your continued support.


In solidarity,

Alfonso, Jennie, Tara, Ambrosia, Shelly, George, Daniel, Margaret, Michael, Jessica, Katie, Keyan, Greg, Cole, & Jason 

{{}} National Team

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