May Day is a Good Day to Call for Abolishing “Corporate Personhood”

Any day is a good day to work to end corporate constitutional rights (“corporate personhood” for short). 

But May Day - May 1, this Sunday -  is an especially good day!

The achievement of livable wages, ample benefits, safe working conditions and right to organize for working people will dramatically increase when business corporations no longer possess never-intended constitutional “rights” to lobby for pro-corporate laws and preempt pro-worker local and state laws. 

What can you do? Share this flyer in these ways:

Distribute it at one or more May Day events (e.g., rallies, marches, vigils, programs) in your community. [Note: If you make copies of the flyer, please do so either on your own copier or at a union printer.]. 

Also, consider circulating the Move to Amend petition

Finally, you may want to have a few Pledge to Amend forms with you to hand to candidates running for elected office. The form asks candidates if elected to support ending corporate constitutional rights and money as speech.

If unable to attend any event and/or if no events are planned near you –  share the title and link of the flyer on social media and/or forward it to your email contacts.

Organized Labor comprises a key--and natural--base of allies in the fight to win the We the People Amendment (HJR48) ending corporate rule. Organized labor has played a pivotal role in shaping workplace conditions and protecting the rights of millions of working people in the U.S. and worldwide. Historically, the labor movement has been the strongest and longest-lived organized force against corporate rule. 

May Day is a great way - while celebrating and honoring all working people - to invite all who attend related events to learn about the connections between the movements for all types of worker justice and our movement to end all types of corporate constitutional rights and create an authentic democracy -- for the very first time.

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