May 2024 Affiliate Spotlight

Minnesota Move to Amend State Network

This month, we shine a light on the incredible work being done by the Minnesota Move to Amend State Network. They have been making significant strides in promoting the We the People Amendment and engaging with various organizations and communities. Here's a summary of their recent achievements:

1. Regular Meetings & Legislation Action: Minnesota Move to Amend holds regular bi-weekly legislation action meetings, as well as weekly “office hours” to focus on specific activities, like publicizing efforts to pass the "We the People" bills in the Minnesota legislature.

2. Partnership & Representation: The team actively participates and represents Move to Amend in the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, NAACP Minneapolis, and MN350. They are also a partner organization in We Choose Us, with Andrew and Barbara attending monthly planning meetings and other activities.

3. Community Outreach & Events: They organized a successful Zoom event with Lawrence Abbott on “Unions and the We the People Amendment,” and conducted a joint presentation at the Universal Unitarian church in Duluth with We Choose Us. In addition, they've held a month-long outreach effort to engage legislators and constituents to promote Minnesota amendment bills.

3. Senior Caucus Day at the Capitol: At this event, Andrew and Darold made presentations, engaging with key legislators and solidifying support from the senior caucus.

Minnesota Move to Amend's efforts are a testament to the impact that dedicated activism can have in promoting the We the People Amendment. Their work brings us one step closer to achieving real democracy.

📢 Letters to the Editor: Raising Awareness

We are thrilled to see that our affiliates and volunteers are already making their voices heard in the public arena. One recent letter to the editor, titled "Anniversary of ‘corporate personhood’ is a good time to call for its end," was published in the Portland Tribune. It highlights the significance of the Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company Supreme Court 1886 decision, and why May 10 is an important date to call for an end to corporate personhood.

In this letter, Marian Drake of Northeast Portland eloquently outlines how corporations, through court rulings and amendments, have gained constitutional rights intended for individuals. This has allowed corporations to avoid accountability and wield undue influence, leading to a call for action to support the We the People Amendment (H.J.R. 54).

Read the full letter here.

🚆 Call to Action: Derail Corporate Rule

Inspired by this letter? We encourage you to take action by participating in events on May 10, the anniversary of Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad, which is known as "Corporate Personhood Day." Visit our website to learn how you can Call to Take Public Action in your community and make your voice heard.

Learn More and Get Involved

Thank you for supporting Move to Amend and for all the work you're doing to advance real democracy. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events and hearing about your successes!

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