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Will you join me in recruiting our Congress member to co-sponsor the #WeThePeople Amendment?


Why I support Move to Amend

A Constitutional Amendment to assert that only humans have constitutional rights and money does not equal free speech is the foundational change that we need to move toward a more democratic and just society. Move to Amend is the only organization that really understands this and prioritizes building a democracy movement.

I've been working with Move to Amend since 2012, and am proud to be a part of it. Staff and volunteers alike are dedicated, hard-working, and visionary. Join us by signing the petition, and if you can, volunteering with your local affiliate and making a monetary donation.

How I've supported Move to Amend

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    Help us defend democracy and the Constitution from wealthy corporate interests!

    Your support is so critical in the fight for the 29th Amendment. Move to Amend is funded by grassroots donations from people like you. We are committed to maintaining our independence and our integrity and we need your support to make it possible! Make this a ONE-TIME donation Click here.

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Mary Sue Gmeiner

Mary Sue Gmeiner

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