Labor is on the Move. Help workers Move – to Amend – this Labor Day!

It’s been a “summer of strikes.” Workers across the country are on the offense, demanding better working conditions, benefits and pay – and opposing artificial intelligence.

Current strikes include over 170,000 writers, actors and producers in Hollywood and across the country, thousands of food service workers in Las Vegas, thousands of city employees and thousands more of hotel workers in Los Angeles and nearly 2000 nurses in New Jersey. The strike of 340,000 workers at UPS yielded a tentative contract that is being voted on through next week.

In totalthere’s been 233 labor actions in 352 locations in the U.S. since January 1, 84 in 141 locations since July 1. 

Workers will be acknowledging and celebrating their increasing worker power this Labor Day weekend at parades, marches, presentations, picnics and other gatherings. 

These are great places for Move to Amend supporters to attend.

Organized labor has played a pivotal role in shaping workplace conditions and protecting the rights of millions of working people worldwide. Historically, the labor movement is our strongest and longest-lived organized force in the U.S. against corporate rule – and are great prospects to endorse HJR54, the We the People Amendment.

Scores of economic and social justices have been championed by individual workers and organized working people who are members of labor unions -- sometimes working alone and other times in coalition with other organizations representing those who have been historically oppressed. 

The root of labor power is people, while the root of corporate power is money and constitutional rights. Therefore, anything that can be done to reduce constitutionally the political power of money and corporate rights, the greater the effectiveness of “people power” (including workers) becomes. 

Please consider attending a Labor Day event to:

 Show solidarity with working people and labor unions working for justice in many forms

 Ask attendees to sign our Motion to Amend petition. Downloads copies HERE

 If they attend and relevant, ask your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor the We the People Amendment as a means to increase people power over corporate power

 Ask candidates running for local or state office this year or federal office next year to sign our Pledge to Amend as a means to increase people power over corporate powerDownload copies of the Pledge HERE.

Working people and labor unions need Move to Amend and We the People Amendment and Move to Amend needs working people and labor unions to achieve justice and real democracy.


Shelly, George, Katie, Cole, Joni, Daniel, Saleem, Jennie, Keyan, Michael, Margaret, Ambrosia, Alfonso, Jessica, Jason, Tara & Greg 

- Move to Amend National Team

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