Let's Move the 117th Congress to Amend!

Despite all of the chaos, we haven't forgotten that it is a brand new Congress!

As we watch the events unfold in the wake of the January 6th riots at the Capitol, we also remain laser-focused on our immediate goal for the first quarter of 2021:

  • 100 HOUSE COSPONSORS for the #WeThePeople Amendment


And we have a solid plan to get it done.

Join the 2021 Campaign Kickoff Call on Jan 21


Join us on Thursday, January 21st for our Move The 117th Congress to Amend campaign kickoff webinar to learn how YOU can help in this first-quarter push of 2021.

And the truth is that we can't do it without you...

It's true that we have consistently rocked our annual cosponsor goals since we wrote our first Strategic Plan five years ago, including last year's goal of 75 cosponsors!

But it's also true that we can't get these new cosponsors without you -- their actual constituents. 

Maybe you've never lobbied before. And maybe it sounds super intimidating! Everyone at Move to Amend can relate to that feeling and that's why we have created all of the infrastructure and tons of resources for this campaign AND we will be dedicating our experienced national staff and local leaders to partner closely with you -- and also join you in the event you get a meeting with your Rep or Senator. We have your back, you won't be on your own!

So many of the problems we are seeing today are precisely because corporations are considered people, with inalienable rights, and money is free speech, protected by the U.S. Constitution. 

The symptoms can be very distracting, but we must press on because we know the cure is the #WeThePeopleAmendment. 

Let's Move The 117th Congress to Amend!

In Solidarity,

Keyan, Milly, Kaitlin, Shelly, Alfonso, Daniel, Jennie, Leila, Saleem, Jason, Tara, George, Joni, Greg, and Jessica

- Move to Amend National Team

P.S. If you're unable to give time, please consider financially supporting this critical organizing work by becoming a monthly sustaining donor today. And if you're unable to give, please spread the word. Thank you!!

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