January 21st action campaign launch (October 2019)

Within any Movement for justice there comes a time when the People must employ civil disobedience. From the Salt March to the Lunch Counter Sit-Ins, history confirms the words of Frederick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

Approaching 2020 and one of the most important elections in US history, it’s time to be clear about where we stand, and to demand the same from our Representatives.

Move to Amend has been organizing to fight corporate rule for a decade and a lot has changed in that time. We’ve seen Occupy, Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, Arab Spring, Bernie Sanders, concentration camps, election of Donald Trump, disturbing and urgent developments in climate science, and the People realizing our power in new ways. We’ve learned a lot.

Here’s what we know:

  • Unfettered capitalism is destroying the Planet, causing devastation of Nature, killing plant and animal life, and causing drought, famine, natural disasters, and sickness
  • We’re experiencing violence at the hands of militarized police and non-stop war
  • We’re living under an increasingly fascist government which thrives on corruption and greed
  • Economic and social inequality is growing and most people are struggling to make ends meet

But through these struggles we’ve also come to understand that these problems are largely created by a system of power created to prioritize the very wealthy and rule of large multinational corporations. We know that we have been told that We, The People do not have the power to change things, and we know that’s a lie.

We know that we need to strip corporations of their rights under the Constitution in order to seize power and begin to build  a more just, democratic, sustainable future. This is no time for half-measures. This is time for real change.

The people have spoken -- the People have yelled, organized, run for office, unseated entrenched corporatists, started movements, learned a lot about intersectionality and strengthened global solidarity. Move to Amend leaders have been organizing, educating, writing letters, building support, passing ballot initiatives and resolutions, lobbying, making art, rallying, and strengthening the grassroots for ten years, and many of us longer than that.

In 2020, we’re stepping it up. The next decade will see a mass escalation in the use of Civil Disobedience tactics by the Climate Movement, Democracy Movement, and all Movements for justice. We’re here for it.

We’ve chosen January 21st, 2020 -- which marks ten years since the devastating Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs FEC -- to make our first move in this arena.
We have the most progressive members of the House of Representatives we’ve seen in a lifetime supporting a Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate constitutional rights and money as free speech. It’s time for everyone else to get on board.

So we’re calling for sit-ins across the country in the offices of Representatives who have yet to sign on to the We the People Amendment. Some actions will expect arrest, some won’t be ready for that, yet. We’re asking everyone to participate at some level.

It’s time our Representatives make it clear, bold, and brave - are they on the side of We The People, or billionaires and their corporations?

We’ve put together this campaign plan to guide us through the next year with strength, persistence, and audacity. Tactics have to build on each other -- they have to be strategic, well-coordinated, persistent, and public. We’re ready. Are you with us?

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