Ideas for Creative Action Webinar (June 2011)

Learn about our "2011 Declare Your Independence from Corporate Rule!" campaign that we'll be organizing for the 4th of July and how you can participate in your community. We offer creative ideas (that can be used at events year-round) like how to orchestrate a corporate wedding, walk an "I Miss Democracy" patriotic princess in a parade, make a float for a 4th of July parade, and more!


  • Overview of July 4th actions
  • Why creativity is worth the extra effort
  • Ideas for creative actions
  • Questions to ask when planning an event
  • What to do after your event
  • Final notes
  • Questions

About MTA's Monthly Take Action Webinars

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These online trainings are an opportunity for folks to connect with Move to Amend and learn about organizing tools and campaign opportunities, and to connect with other MTA community organizers across the country.

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