How Communities of Faith and Ethical Convictions Can Take Action to Support the We the People Amendment

For communities of faith and ethical convictions considering passing the resolution in support of the
Move to Amend “28th We the People Amendment”

On an almost daily basis, passage of the 28th Amendment becomes increasingly important: Climate Change is an existential threat to our nation and our world; the reality of political, governmental and corporate abuse becomes more evident. Passage of the amendment opens the way to real corrective measures becoming a reality!

Actions you can take to multiply your efforts beyond passing the resolution:

  1. Register the passage of your resolution on the web site at: 

  2. Sign (and encourage others to sign) the Interfaith Caucus (IFC) “Registration” petition. This will add you to the national data base, a powerful indication of support around the country, (or) go to and complete the on-line form to register with IFC. Send to Michael Greenman, IFC Moderator (contact at 614-898-5825 for mailing address).

  3. If you wish to support our efforts, but don’t have time or energy to be active please make a contribution (single or sustaining) to Move to Amend at:

  4. Commit to becoming a “Champion” for this project. (A Champion is a person who is fully committed to supporting the movement towards the amendment).
  5. Join a local Move to Amend affiliate (locate on

  6. If no local affiliate, form one and invite others in your area to join you – all are welcome!

  7. Obtain MTA-IFC literature and presentations from “Dropbox” at:

  8. Introduce MTA-IFC to selected individual members of your Faith/Ethical Community and encourage their active involvement.

  9. Make presentation to larger audiences, by planning a “forum” or discussion session.

  10. Request presentation support from MTA-IFC team, including speaker possibility depending on schedule and locations

  11. As available, contact other communities of your faith/ethical organization to introduce MTA-IFC.

  12. Where appropriate, contact statewide or national organizations or, as preferred, refer to MTA-IFC leadership.
  13. Recommend contacts to MTA-IFC where that might be a better approach for our follow-up.

  14. Reach out to congregations in other denominations in your community including interfaith organizations and encourage congregations and organizations to take on passing resolution/signing “petitions” and to “spread the word” within their denominations/organizations.

  15. Download “Links to MTA and related web sites” from the “Dropbox”, “like” Facebook pages recommended, and suggest to others in your community.

For additional information and to get answers to other questions, contact Michael Greenman, MTA-IFC at: [email protected] or 614-898-5825