We're here to fight for The People, no matter which party is in power

Perhaps the most destructive lasting impact of the previous administration's legacy is just how far the bar has been lowered -- and how any criticism of our current government can now be met with "hey, at least it's not Trump!"

The past four years were not a fluke, nor an aberration. A fascistic faux-populist rising to power is but one of the consequences of a government that has lost the trust of those they represent -- a government that systematically puts profits over people, fueling the deep inequalities that are indefensible anywhere but especially in a nation as wealthy as the United States.

And right now, the deep suffering of the American people is being ignored, in the middle of an economic and public health crisis that has NOT ended with the transfer of power. We are concerned that this cycle will continue if the Biden administration does not step it up, and quickly.


Roosevelt coined the phrase "First 100 Days." During that period, the FDR administration was SWIFT to bring about *immediate* and *robust* economic relief to struggling people, as well as major reforms in industry, agriculture, finance, waterpower, labor, and housing -- vastly increasing the scope of the federal government’s activities on the heels of an economic crisis.

In contrast, we are over 1/4 of the way through Biden's First 100 Days and so far...

  • The promise of immediate $2,000 checks has shifted to $1,400 checks, means-tested to exclude many who previously qualified under Trump, with absolutely no sense of urgency...

  • A public healthcare option and lowering the age of Medicare to 60 have been replaced by a multi-billion dollar health insurance industry giveaway...

  • Student debt relief that was promised is being entirely ignored...

  • Despite the "kids in cages" rallying cry to get Trump out, MORE cages are currently being built for kids who have been separated from their families -- but now we call them "Overflow Migrant Facilities"...

  • Schools are being forced to reopen *before* teachers, staff and students are vaccinated, when we have the resources to do a national shutdown, and take care of our people like other nations have done (the *only* proven strategy to slow the spread and mitigate impact of the virus)...

Unfortunately the list goes on. 

People are suffering in ways most of us have not seen in our lifetime. The Democratic Party is now in control and we must hold them accountable to not only their campaign promises, but to fight for what is RIGHT in this moment.

And not only because it's right. The reality is, if people's needs do not get met in this crisis, there *will* be a backlash in the 2022 midterms. And we shudder to think about the fascistic faux-populist reprise we will be desperately trying to beat back come 2024...

A reminder that Move to Amend was formed in the early years of the Obama administration -- and we remain committed to fighting corporate rule and holding politicians accountable to We The People, no matter who is at the helm.

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Our pledge is to *always* speak truth to power and stand up for We The People, NOT the corporations. 

In solidarity,

George, Daniel, Jessica, Greg, Keyan, Alfonso, Kaitlin, Milly, Joni, Saleem, Jason, Tara, Jennie, Leila, and Shelly

- Move to Amend National Team

P.S. It's time to hold their feet to the 🔥🔥 and demand our F.D.R. moment. Too much is at stake not to!

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