Happy May Day: Don't Cross the Picket Lines!

On May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the United States walked off their jobs in the first May Day celebration in history.

At the time, the US working class was often forced to work up to 16 hours a day, in unsafe conditions, for low wages. The demand was "Eight-hour day with no cut in pay."

Today, 134 years later, we stand in solidarity with striking workers across the US, as they fight for fair wages and safety during the worst public health and economic crisis in US history.

These corporations are logging record profits during this crisis. Yet they continue to pay poverty wages and deny their "essential workers" basic protections and sick pay, expecting them to risk their lives to provide everything -- from food to entertainment to new fuzzy slippers -- to those privileged enough to safely hunker down in their homes until the pandemic passes.

Move to Amend remains more committed than ever to challenging corporate rule in the age of coronavirus, and today that means standing with the workers and with their demands.

It means not crossing the picket line -- no support for these businesses today, in solidarity with the workers.

And it also means applying pressure to these corporations (Amazon, Instacart, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, and FedEx) on social media or with an email to customer service -- to let them know that you stand with the workers.

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