📢 Catch Greg Coleridge on Thom Hartmann's Show! 🎙️

📢 Catch Greg Coleridge on Thom Hartmann's Show! 🎙️

We are thrilled to announce that Move to Amend's very own National Co-Director, Greg Coleridge, will be featured on Thom Hartmann's Program on Wednesday, August 9th. Tune in to witness an exhilarating discussion as they dissect Thom's latest article, "Is Sam Alito Barbieland’s Nightmare?" Greg and Thom will delve into the sick legal notion that corporations are treated as people, and money is bestowed with protected free speech rights. Together, they will explore the We the People Amendment, presenting the most viable solution to this pressing issue.

We invite all of you to join in the conversation and make your voice heard. Call the program, contact your representatives, or engage on social media to weigh in on this crucial matter. Let's work together to elevate this conversation and make it go viral! Help us expand our base by creating your personalized link and sharing it via email, text, or on social media. Every person who signs the petition through your link will be credited to you, making a tangible impact on the movement to reclaim democracy. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the change we need! 🌟

📅 Date: Wednesday, August 9th 🕘 Time: LIVE from 12 to 3 PM ET  📺 Location: YouTube

Let's stand together for democracy and create a world where corporations are not considered people and money is not treated as protected free speech. See you on Thom Hartmann's Show! 🎉

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