Spring Fundraising Drive last day

Today is the final day to contribute to the Move to Amend's Spring Fundraising Drive and support our impactful summer actions. Your generous donation will empower us to participate in critical events and advocate for justice and democracy across the nation.

We are facing a crucial moment in our fight to seize democracy from corporate interests, and we urgently need your support. Move to Amend is gearing up for a series of pivotal events, including lobbying efforts in Washington D.C., to advocate for HJR54, the We the People Amendment

Your support is absolutely essential to our success. Please consider making a donation today to ensure that Move to Amend can make the most of these opportunities and continue to be a leading voice for democracy and justice.

You might be wondering, "where does my money go?" 

Your contribution will directly support these actions:

American Constitution Society Annual Meeting

  • Date: June 6-8
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Description: Join leading legal scholars, practitioners, and activists at the American Constitution Society Annual Meeting. This event will feature discussions on constitutional issues, civil rights, and strategies for promoting justice and equality in America.

Law & Society Association Annual Meeting

  • Date: June 6-9
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Description: Engage with interdisciplinary scholars and professionals at the Law & Society Association Annual Meeting. This conference will cover a broad range of topics, including legal systems, social justice, and the intersection of law and society

Juneteenth Events and Lobbying

  • Date: June 19-21
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Description: Join us in Washington, DC, for Juneteenth events and lobbying efforts. Together, we'll raise our voices against poverty, inequality, and systemic injustice

Veterans for Peace Walk for Peace & Planet, Justice & Democracy Conclusion

  • Date: July 2-8
    Location: Washington, DC
    Description: Join us for the conclusion of the Veterans for Peace Walk for Peace & Planet, Justice & Democracy in Washington, DC. This event will bring together activists from across the country to advocate for peace, environmental sustainability, and democratic reform.

Democratic National Convention (DNC)

  • Date: August 19-23
    Location: Chicago
    Description: As the Democratic National Convention descends on Chicago, we'll be there to make our voices heard. From marches and rallies to educational events and lobbying efforts, we'll be actively engaging with delegates and the public to push for progressive change and systemic reform.

Everything our coalition has accomplished over the past decade-plus has been on a 100% grassroots shoestring budget -- we don't get any corporate cash or large foundation money. While we are immensely proud of this, it also means we rely on donations from individual supporters who understand how important the #WeThePeopleAmendment is, if we are to ever realize genuine democracy in the United States.

Thank you for all of the ways you support this movement to end corporate rule. It takes all of us.

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