Feminism vs Corporate Rule

Did you know that the Supreme Court deemed corporations as people with Constitutional rights fifty years before women achieved the right to vote? That fact gives a whole new meaning to this sentence: The US Constitution is a property rights document.

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day -- an observance established in 1911 with deep roots in the Women's Suffrage Movement. It is an expression of how hard women all over the world have had to fight to secure the same legal status, rights, and opportunities as men. It's also a reminder of the immense work is left to be done to elevate human rights over corporate privilege. Help us grow the movement to continue that work by sharing the Motion to Amend petition on your social media, or a group text/email to your friends and family!

A prime example is the ever-present gender pay discrimination, which was worsened by the pandemic. According to Economists' predictions, women will earn just 76 cents for every dollar earned by the average male. Furthermore, they predict it will take more than a decade to close the wage gap to what it was before (81 cents) the pandemic – which still was NOT equitable. In short, the pandemic exacerbated gender pay discrimination - And we shouldn't be surprised that corporations saw massive profits. Corporations rely on paying workers starvation wages. And it is undeniable that this was an especially harsh slap in the face to working women, when...

  • 62% of minimum wage workers are women (disproportionately women of color)

  • 70% of tipped workers (many of whom make a base pay of $2.13/hr) are women

Feminized labor (service work, domestic work, care work) is still devalued in our economic system, despite how "essential" people love to say it is.

It's time for those in power to STOP🛑with the empty accolades for working class women, and all workers who have been risking their lives (and the lives of their loved ones) on the front lines of this crisis for the past year -- and instead show that appreciation by paying a living wage💰

As an explicitly feminist, woman-led organization, Move to Amend exists to ensure that all people have equal rights and opportunities -- and we understand that corporate Constitutional rights ALWAYS come at the expense of not only women's rights but the basic human rights that feminists believe EVERYONE should have, like housing, healthcare, and a living wage.

What you can do today:

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