Example Campaign Goals, Timeline, Resources


To meet or surpass off-season election voter turnout, which in 2011 in Salt Lake City was between 20-24% depending on if you are talking about primaries or general. If we achieve above that, we have established a threshold exceeding a real election. Goal of vote margin is a symbolic 2-to-1 in our favor (because we would need 2/3 of senators/reps to approve an amendment).



  • City Council and MTA Salt Lake begin Opinion Question dialogue
  • Official request submitted to Recorder to initiate opinion question process
  • Working groups begin to form
  • Kick off event planning begins


  • City Council dialogue continues, pursuing MTASLC demands
  • OC identifies campaign timeline and post campaign possibilities
  • Working groups necessary for campaign have clearly defined goals, timelines, and resources ready in place for volunteer recruitment.
  • Mass email to listserve to inspire, recruit and promote event


  • Deadline for City Recorder to publish Opinion Question title, number, and content in 2 newspapers and online (state and city websites)
  • Outreach materials updated, yard signs prepared, tabling occurring at events to recruit and promote event. Banner actions and press coverage.
  • Prepare 500 word pro-campaign language for opinion question


  • Kick off event
  • City Council dialogue intensifies, preparing for council resolution on time and manner.
  • Outreach continues, including canvassing at targeted locations where yard signs will be most visible. City Council supporters recruited to help canvass in their districts. Community Council outreach, and any other creative outreach actions, street theatre, etc.


  • Deadline for Council to pass resolution establishing time and manner of voting. Use as press opportunity and show up in mass for vote.
  • Final vote push, including possible events and antics, “freedom week” etc.


Strategy Working Group

  • Prepare overall campaign goals, strategy, timeline, and resources necessary. What does the post-campaign look like? Where is this headed and what are those goals, strategies, timelines, and resources? How do the working groups fit into it? Think big picture.
  • Manage funds, coordinate volunteers, facilitate meetings
  • Prepare mass email to listserv to update supporters and promote event. Request volunteer needs from other working groups to include in email, especially Events. Followup with other email blasts. Phone bank.
  • Keep social media updated, respond to email inquiries

(Press WG)

  • Receive press training
  • Draft a press strategy, including kick off event, notable city council actions, and the opinion question vote. Include goals, dates, and resources needed, especially volunteer roles.
  • Issue press releases, submit event details, identify MTA spokespersons.
  • Prepare press info sheet, including list of press contacts and submission deadlines, press release template and MTA talking points.
  • Research expected opposition arguments and form counter arguments.
  • Prepare pro-campaign 500 word info for city mailer.
  • Submit op-eds, letters to editors.

(City Council WG)

  • Prepare demands for council of the city opinion question process.
  • Identify key council supporters for use in press releases, event participants, canvassing, etc.
  • Ongoing dialogue with Council Council for time/manner of voting.
  • Draft City Council strategy, including key moments where public pressure may be necessary (in between council working sessions when the time/manner are discussed, during the actual council resolution vote establishing the time manner, during the council vote approving the opinion question results, and the Big Ask). Identify goals, dates, and resources needed, especially volunteer roles.
  • Research options for the Big Ask. Assuming we have a successful vote, what leverage does that provide us via the council for meaningful reform measures? Legal memorandum, corporate campaign contribution limits in city races, etc.
  • Organize letter writing campaigns to city officials, and mass public turnout at key council meetings.
  • Consider broadening this working group to include other levels of government outreach, including the mayor's office, other city councils (in the event of a successful opinion question vote), state reps and senators, etc.

(Event WG)

  • Draft event strategy, including key moments during campaign, including kick off event, events during voting time, etc. Identify goals, dates, and resources necessary, especially volunteer roles.
  • Identify venue, content, timing, and resources needed for events. Handle event logistics.
  • Coordinate with other groups to make sure events are well publicized and attended.

(Outreach WG)

  • Draft campaign outreach goals, dates, and resources necessary, especially volunteer roles.
  • Yard sign design and distribution.
  • Prepare OC orientation sheet for new participants.
  • Update flyers for tabling/events. Create new flyers for promotion.
  • Build relationships with other groups.
  • Identify tabling opportunities and recruit volunteers, and implement.
  • Identify canvassing opportunities, recruit volunteers, and implement.

(Education WG)

  • Form corporate power and democracy study groups to deepen analysis.
  • Develop short and long presentations for schools and community groups.
  • Develop orientation workshop for new volunteers.
  • Research and build lists of classrooms and groups that we can present to.
  • Train people to do presentations.
  • Staff presentations.

(Outreach - Coalitions Sub group)

  • Build list of potential ally organizations and people.
  • Reach out to groups to educate and discuss collaboration.
  • Get endorsements for the campaign.
  • Trade teach-ins to build connections between issues.

This campaign plan provided by Move to Amend Salt Lake City. Contact them directly with questions.

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