EOY thank you

We are extremely grateful for your generosity in contributing to Move to Amend during our end-of-year fund drive!

We raised over $71,000 from 610 donors, a couple of small family foundations, one legacy donation and our auction. Our smallest individual contribution was $5, our largest was $3,000. This doesn’t include the $25,000 matching grant we received from a generous Move to Amend couple. 

The $96,000 represents more than one-third of our annual budget. Compared to other national non-profit organizations, our budget is incredibly tiny. Yet our impact is mighty in educating, advocating and organizing to abolish corporate rule and to end the corruption of big money spent in elections by promoting the We the People Amendment, HJR54

Your contributions allow us to stay economically and politically independent from the influence of corporations, big foundations, political parties, the super rich and governments. 

It’s why we unapologetically and uncompromisingly support that human beings, not corporate entities, are human persons and that private money spent in politics is not free speech and shall be regulated, limited or prohibited. It’s also why we work to be accountable to individuals at the grassroots – like you. 

We have consciously made a trade-off: to be relatively poorer and ultimately accountable to the grassroots vs richer and beholden (consciously or unconsciously) to major financial funders who are uninterested or unwilling to work for the scale of systemic changes equivalent to address our deepening systemic crises.

The choice is an easy one. And made possible because of your support.


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