Engaging Organized Labor and Labor Unions (Nov 2019)

Building power to end corporate rule and the influence of big money in elections requires building solidarity with other organizations.

Among the most important organizations are labor unions. Move to Amend has over the past decade made connections with and received support (including endorsements) from local, state and national labor organizations. We need to do more!

Those connected to organized labor know a thing or two about corporate power at workplaces and in communities. Corporations have used constitutional rights relentlessly to attack working people -- past and present.

Organized labor has played a central role in most of the major social movements for justice over the past century in our country.

Working people are potential allies in our effort locally and nationally to build a movement to abolish corporate personhood and the influence of big money in elections Move to Amend and organized labor need each other. Each has knowledge, experiences and strategies that are essential to creating an authentically diverse democracy movement.

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