Earned Media Guide

Knowing how to work with the media effectively is important in grassroots campaigns. Whether you are trying to educate the public, sway elected officials, or grow your organization (or all three), knowing how to get your message out there is key. This guide is intended to demystify media work for those who are just getting started, and to help those who are more experienced improve their capabilities.

Table of Contents

  • What is Earned Media?
  • Developing a Communications Strategy
  • The Importance of Telling Stories
  • Big Picture Stories and Messages
  • Developing Concise Messages
  • Getting Your Message Across
  • The Power of Repetition
  • The Importance of Consistency
  • Staying on Message
  • Mastering the Pivot
  • Never Repeat a Negative
  • Guiding the Conversation
  • What is News?
  • News Value
  • The Angle
  • The Peg
  • The Hook
  • Getting to Know Newspaper Reporters
  • Who Are These People and What Do They Want?
  • How a Newsroom Works
  • Establishing Relationships with Reporters
  • Building Relationships with Reporters

MTA - Earned Media Guide.pdf