Corporations take over Pride Month

In case you haven't noticed, the corporate take-over of #PrideMonth has begun. 

As the general support for LGBTQ+ rights grows, so does the corporate incentive for brands and companies to position themselves in sync with that growing sentiment. 

In that commercialization lies the disconnect: Brands promoting gay pride are not consistent in actually supporting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, but they do manage to capitalize on the growing number of people (aka consumers) wanting to show support and solidarity.

But in reality, all this commercialized support is ultimately pretty empty.

The commercialization of Pride Month has blurred and simplified the ways to actually support LGBTQ+ folks. A first step has to be looking past the easy-to-sell concept of rainbow awareness’.

Updating your logo to display a rainbow flag ain’t awareness if that is where your support ends!

It is our job to show solidarity not only during Pride Month, but all year long. And please look for organizations to support that are queer-led. 

And of course another crucial thing to do is support the passage of #WeThePeopleAmendment by rising awareness of its importance to end the #CorporateRule that oppresses so many folks, already on the frontlines of struggle.

Please sign the Move to Amend Petition yourself, and then share with your contacts via email or through social media to help us grow the movementPlus, you can earn rewards for recruiting your friends!