Corporations can’t create or protect real democracy. Only we can!

The amount of democracy we have in this country is in deep trouble when behemoth business corporations are appealed to by the public to preserve one of its key provisions -- voting rights. 

Civil and voting rights groups and other activists in Georgia organized full-page ads, demonstrations and text banks trying to pressure six major companies in the Peach State...while Texas activists organized a coordinated statewide strategy to enlist the state’s largest companies to oppose sweeping voting restrictions proposed by Republican state legislators in both states. 

It’s a sad and dangerous, yet clear and accurate description of how politics increasingly works in this country: public actions to do the right thing target corporations who have more influence over elected officials than voters and constituents. 

This underscores why HJR 48, our #WeThePeopleAmendment, is so important. Abolishing political money as free speech and corporate constitutional rights will give individuals, especially low wealth and people of color (i.e. those who most directly benefit from expanded voting rights) political power to make decisions that will improve their lives and communities.

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The We the People Amendment has now 57 cosponsors in Congress. We reference the numbers of petition signatures in Congressional Districts when we meet with Congressional offices as a show of support for the Amendment.

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Corporations shouldn’t be allowed to meddle in elections...or on any issue. It’s up to human persons to fundamentally define what our legal creations can and cannot do. Enactment of the We the People Amendment is a necessary and urgent step toward authentic democracy for all people. 

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