Abolishing Corporate Planetary Destruction

You know how it is. Once you’ve seen how billionaires and giant corporations orchestrate violence, it’s hard to unsee it.

As profit-driven wars rage on, as climate catastrophe destructs ecosystems, as money-hungry politicians prioritize cash over our survival -- we know how it happens. We know that the ultra-rich and their corporations are using legal tools like corporate constitutional rights to make it extremely easy for them to cause massive harm. 

You’re invited to a bold conversation -- *RSVP* "Abolishing Corporate Planetary Destruction"

Corporations use their Supreme Court-given constitutional rights to get away with dangerous fracking and pipelines, spewing oil and toxic waste into the waterburning down our communities, mountaintop removal,  horrific mining operations, usurping community rights and violating treaties, and every other shameful action they take in the pursuit of maximum profit. 

Join us on April 21st at 5pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern to hear from experienced and passionate organizers on “Abolishing Corporate Planetary Destruction” and learn about the upcoming gatherings for the (yet-to-be-named) group we’re hosting, focusing on corporate power and the environment.

The fight for the survival of animals and ecosystems will take many of us and our different pieces of the work. We invite anyone who is in this fight, or anyone who wants to be. 

This Spring we’re growing power. Let’s work to abolish corporate planetary destruction. Join us April 21st, the eve of Earth Day, for the kickoff, and our ongoing calls after that!



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