Corporate America wants you to ignore Move to Amend

Hello! Corporate America here.

In many ways, we’re just like you. We have constitutional rights — just like you. The Bill of Rights and 14th Amendment — originally intended to apply just to human beings — have been extended to us by the U.S. Supreme Court for more than a century…and counting. Isn't this great!


That means we’re all in this together! 

As an act of Solidarity between us “persons” we share with you this important advice: do not donate to Move to Amend!

They want to take away our constitutional rights — not to mention end big money in elections. This will drastically reduce our power to influence public officials and shape public policies and laws to help us to help you, of course, not us!

After all, “you’re in good hands” with big corporations (i.e. Purdue Pharma Corporation's Oxycontin reduces chronic pain) as they “bring good things to life” (i.e. military contractors produce effective, affordable and essential weapons used to protect “our interests” globally since we're "everywhere you want to be").

When your back goes “snap, crackle and pop,” you always receive comprehensive and affordable health coverage from insurance corporations. When there’s a rare environmental accident due to the burning, drilling or transporting of “clean” coal, gas or oil, climate-preserving fossil fuel corporations are the “quicker, picker-upper” in restoring the land, air or water to pristine conditions. More guns, says the NRA, makes us safer. For-profit charter school corporations definitely don't score way better than public schools. 

Banking corporations - that create money out of thin air as debt - make it possible to keep loaning you money and will do everything they can to improve your credit score - so you can borrow even more money. The massive use of toxic chemicals by agricultural corporations is totally safe and produces “finger, lickin’ good.” good. Exxon-Mobil and other barely profitable oil corporations help you "obey your thirst" for never-ending fossil fuels over inefficient sun and wind power.

Corporate media provides “all the news that’s fit to print” and air about what’s going on in the world, including informative ads during the election season from candidates and “independent” corporate groups. And no need to worry, because Facebook, Twitter and other social media corporations do all the deciding about what you should read, who you should hear -- and track every click you take to better "inform" you about stuff to buy.

"Can you hear me now?"

We can live with almost any person being elected to public office and even certain regulations (which by definition, “regulate” harms and abuses, rather than prohibit them).

What we can’t accept is real democratic authority and power by the people, which would be possible if our constitutional rights were abolished. After all, that would be "discriminatory" against we corporate persons! 

Move to Amend’s commitment to this is one of the major reasons they are such a threat. But there are two others.

1. Move to Amend is committed to building with others an authentic, inclusive democracy movement that is built from the ground up — to create nonviolent power to bring systemic, not simply superficial, change to improve conditions for people, communities and the earth.

2. Move to Amend is financially independent. They don’t rely on funding from us — corporate America — nor from the superrich, big foundations, political parties or the government, but from the grassroots. This makes them very dangerous since, unlike many/most major non-profit organizations, we can’t control them by threatening to pull their funding. Move to Amend has not been co-opted by corporate America. 

We implore you, therefore, to: 

NOT make a contribution to Move to Amend by going to

WORSE is becoming an ongoing sustainer -- contributing whatever you can each month so that MTA knows how much they have to work for -- which means they can spend more time working to end corporate rule. 

And please don't let others know about their good work and encourage others you know to also contribute.

"Just (Don't) Do It"?

In Solidarity,

Your Corporate (person) America friends

P.S. Don't buy this corporate narrative on this April Fool's Day or any day. Corporations aren't our friends...they aren't even people! Corporate entities aren't fooling around as they constantly work to expand their political and economic power. Help us end this lunacy by going to

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