Send a letter to the editor on COP26 and the We the People Amendment

The current UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland is a perfect opportunity to connect the existential climate crisis and the urgent need to enact HJR48, the We the People Amendment, which now has 81 co-sponsors!

HERE is a link to two draft letters-to-the-editor. The first is a general letter. The second is a specific letter if you/your group is currently working to recruit your Congressperson to become an HJR48 co-sponsor. 

A link is provided at the top to a spreadsheet that lists word limits and contacts to newspapers in many parts of the country.

If you plan to submit a letter, do so ASAP since the COP conference ends at the end of the week. Also, please coordinate with others if you are part of a group to make sure only one letter is submitted per newspaper. 

Thanks for considering. 


p.s. The latest example of the ongoing power of corporations to influence public policies and other outcomes that prioritize their interests over those of people, communities this specific case...the climate and environment. COP26: Fossil fuel industry has largest delegation at climate summit

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