Advocating for the We the People Amendment: Seizing the August Opportunities for Change

Advocating for the We the People Amendment: Seizing the August Opportunities for Change


As we stand on the cusp of transformative change, we are excited to remind you of the powerful opportunities August brings for advocating the We the People Amendment, (H.J.R. 54).

With Representatives back in their districts for the August Recess and Labor Day events on the horizon, we have a chance to spotlight the vital link between the Labor movement and our mission.

Your commitment can make a significant impact!

Amplify Your Advocacy

1. August Recess – Connect with Your Representatives:

During the August Recess, our elected representatives return to their districts, making them more accessible than ever!

Attend town hall meetings, neighborhood events, or even plan to visit their local offices. Use our OneClickPolitics tool to connect directly with your Representative's office with a single click.

2. Highlight the Labor Movement Connection:

Labor Day celebrations provide a platform to underscore the crucial connection between the Labor movement and the We the People Amendment.

We offer you a Letter to the Editor template that seamlessly weaves H.J.R. 54 into the fabric of the Labor movement.

3. Attend Labor Day Events:

As we commemorate Labor Day, let's shine a light on the inseparable link between the Labor movement and the urgent need for constitutional reform.

These events often attract our representatives, providing us with a prime platform to engage them on the We the People Amendment. Your efforts can be the catalyst for meaningful conversations that propel us forward.

We are committed to empowering you every step of the way. Don't forget to explore the wealth of lobbying resources and video training available at

Here, you'll find a treasure trove of insights to enhance your advocacy skills and amplify your impact!

Furthermore, our Lobby Sign-Up Page serves as a hub for volunteers to unite efforts. Once you sign up, we'll connect you with like-minded constituents in your vicinity, fostering a powerful collective voice. Our experienced national staff stands ready to guide you through this journey, ensuring your advocacy is both effective and impactful.

Let's seize this moment together. Let's make our voices echo through the corridors of power. Let's work tirelessly until the We the People Amendment becomes a reality.

Thank you for your commitment to a brighter future and for taking action. 


Your support drives our progress. Help us pass H.J.R. 54 by donating today. Thank you for being a cornerstone of this movement!

💰 If you're in a position to lend your support, let's make sure nothing stands in the way of change!

Can we count on you?

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