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BIRMINGHAM, AL: Challenging Corporate Rule & Creating Democracy

The influence of money in elections and corporations is decimating education, health care, elections, the economy, the justice system, the environment and the right of We the People to decide. And it will worsen until we build an authentic, diverse, democracy movement that works to end corporate constitutional rights and the doctrine that money is equal to free speech, but which also includes changing laws and rules that have historically oppressed people and communities.

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The Grinch Who Stole Democracy

July 19, 2017

After Donald Trump ascended to the presidency, despite losing the popular vote by an astounding margin, there just wasn't a lot of cheering to be heard in Whoville. Trump is like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, with the notable exception that Trump doesn't have a heart, not even one ten sizes too small.   

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Move to Amend-Tuscaloosa Petition Tabling

May 28, 2017

Sharon Freeman, tabling for Move to Amend-Tuscaloosa, at Govermment Plaza, petitioning for an amendment to the U. S. Constitution that rejects the U. S. Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling and firmly establishes that money is not speech, and only human beings, not corporations are persons, on Saturday, May 27, 2017.

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Alabama Rising

June 23, 2016
Joe Keffer

On June 6th, North Carolina NAACP President and Moral Monday architect, the Reverend Doctor William Barber, captivated a racially and ethnically mixed crowd, approaching 1000, at Birmingham Alabama’s New Pilgrim Baptist Church. Reverend Barber called for a revolution of values similar to those of the Civil Rights days. He admonished, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

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