Affiliate Spotlight - January 2024

We've said many times, 'We would be nothing without our affiliates, advocates, and supporters.' They do a lot of the heavy lifting, which is why we've been recognizing all they do for the movement each month.

Each month we will use this space to spotlight different Affiliates. Find out who is on this month's Affiliate spotlight here!

In this month's Affiliate Spotlight, we turn our attention to the dedicated efforts of the Minnesota Move to Amend State Network. With unwavering commitment, they have showcased an impressive array of activities aimed at advancing the "We the People" bills in the MN legislature. Here's a snapshot of their recent accomplishments:

Legislation Action Meetings: The Minnesota Move to Amend team has been holding regular bi-weekly legislation action meetings, strategizing and coordinating efforts to promote the "We the People" bills. Additionally, weekly "office hours" meetings have provided a focused platform for addressing specific tasks, especially in amplifying their legislative action initiatives.

Community Engagement: Volunteers from the Minnesota Move to Amend network have been actively participating and representing the organization in various groups, including the MN Alliance of Peacemakers (MAP), NAACP Minneapolis, and MN350. Through these engagements, individuals like Jeff, Darold, and Ruth are making invaluable contributions to the broader movement.

Outreach and Advocacy: On November 1, the Minnesota Move to Amend team delivered a compelling presentation to the DFL Senior Caucus North Metro chapter, drawing the attention of 32 attendees. The purpose was to recruit organizational support for their upcoming legislative session in February 2024, emphasizing the importance of their bills in shaping the democratic landscape.

The Minnesota Move to Amend State Network is leaving an indelible mark on the movement, showcasing the power of grassroots activism and strategic collaboration. We commend their tireless efforts to amplify the voices calling for a more equitable and just political system.

We're also thrilled to highlight the collaborative spirit of Move to Amend affiliates in the Greater Dayton area. A unique pilot project, led by the Greater Dayton League of Women Voters and co-chaired by Move to Amend, is underway to engage Dayton area students in grades 9-10. This art contest seeks to ignite the creative spark within the community, inviting students to express their perspectives on "Money, Politics, and Democracy."

Members of the Miami County affiliate have generously donated their time and energy to support this project. From checking in art to hanging exhibits and eventually assisting with takedown, their involvement underscores the collaborative ethos that defines Move to Amend affiliates.

This contest, currently a local endeavor, has reached out to 18 of the approximately 80 school districts in the Dayton area. A true team effort, it relies on word of mouth and the collective dedication of individuals such as Bill Davis, Jean Burdeshaw, Ann Byrd, Donna and John Moore, Paula Ewers, and Karen Jeffers-Tracy, alongside the staff at the Dayton International Peace Museum.

Moreover, in a recent podcast episode, host David Bodary engaged with Mary Sue Gmeiner, a Greater Dayton League of Women Voters member and co-chair of Greater Dayton Move to Amend. Their discussion, titled "Money, Politics, and Democracy," delves into the core issues that Move to Amend addresses.

The Greater Dayton affiliates showcase the diverse ways local groups contribute to the broader movement for a constitutional amendment. Together, they embody the spirit of collaboration, demonstrating that real change happens when communities unite for a common cause.

Our Affiliate Spotlight also shines on Move to Amend Miami County, Ohio, a group that took a unique approach to their December activities. Instead of a traditional meeting, they gathered for a social hour to celebrate their accomplishments in 2023. Here's a glimpse into their recent engagement:

Community Rally and Advocacy: On December 16, five members from Move to Amend Miami County, Ohio, joined forces with activists from Piqua to hold a rally in Troy. The rally coincided with a Q&A session hosted by Rep. Mike Carey (R, OH-15). The group aimed to draw attention to the Piqua toxic lithium-ion battery burns, using the opportunity to raise awareness about the urgency of their cause.

Engaging with Representative Carey: Deb, a member of Move to Amend Miami County, stayed for the Q&A session, taking the opportunity to speak with Blaine Kelly, District Director, and introduce herself to Rep. Carey. Despite challenges in conveying their message, Deb followed up with a thoughtful email to build a relationship. Despite not receiving a response, the group remains persistent in their pursuit of advocacy.

Move to Amend Miami County, Ohio, exemplifies resilience and creativity in their approach to activism. Their celebration of accomplishments and bold advocacy efforts demonstrate the diverse ways in which local affiliates contribute to the broader movement for a constitutional amendment.


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