Affiliate Spotlight - February 2024

In the vast landscape of grassroots activism, two Move to Amend affiliates stand out for their unique initiatives, each making waves in their own distinctive way. Welcome to this month's Affiliate Spotlight, where we dive into the creative endeavors of the Greater Dayton Move to Amend and the strategic movements of the Santa Clara County Move to Amend affiliates.


Greater Dayton Move to Amend: Unleashing Creativity with a Purpose

In the heart of Ohio, the Greater Dayton Move to Amend affiliate is unleashing the power of creative expression through an extraordinary pilot project. Picture this—an art contest tailored exclusively for Dayton area students in grades 9-10, themed around "Money, Politics, and Democracy." It's not just an art contest; it's a movement to encourage these young minds to visualize and articulate their thoughts on critical societal issues.

Currently in the midst of the publicity phase and finalizing judging details, the Greater Dayton affiliate is orchestrating an inclusive and engaging event that reaches beyond the usual boundaries of advocacy. The team believes that by tapping into the artistic spirit of the community's youth, they can shine a light on the nuanced connections between money, politics, and the very fabric of our democracy.

But it doesn't stop there. Individuals within the Greater Dayton affiliate are leaving their own unique marks on the movement. One member recently shared insights during an illuminating interview with the local League of Women Voters, delving into the intricacies of money in politics (available on YouTube). Additionally, a co-authored OpEd and a strategically timed letter to the editor on the day before the Citizens United anniversary underscore the commitment to advocacy for a more equitable and just political system.

The Greater Dayton Move to Amend affiliate is not just hosting an art contest; they are fostering a dynamic environment where creativity and activism intertwine, creating a tapestry that amplifies the voice of the community.

Santa Clara County Move to Amend: Strategic Advocacy in Silicon Valley

Meanwhile, on the West Coast in the tech hub of Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara County Move to Amend affiliate is strategically shaping the landscape of grassroots activism. Successes and strategic actions echo through their recent meeting minutes, painting a picture of a group dedicated to catalyzing change.

John's fundraising ad, infused with humor and the memorable line "I'd rather dig my own grave than ask for money," became a successful and engaging initiative, showcasing the affiliate's ability to connect with their audience on a personal level. Gratitude was extended through thank-you letters to Rep. Mullin and the dedicated constituent who facilitated communication on behalf of the affiliate.

The affiliate's strategic actions encompass a range of initiatives, from engaging California legislators to securing cosponsorships for Move to Amend initiatives. Outreach efforts extend to influential figures like Pelosi, demonstrating a commitment to advocacy at the highest levels. The ongoing education initiatives, including documentary episodes under development, are indicative of the affiliate's dedication to informing and inspiring.

Yet, beyond the strategic actions, the affiliate is actively building alliances. Public Citizen is now listed as a supporter, and ongoing efforts aim to secure endorsements from various influential organizations. The affiliate's outreach extends to educational institutions like San Jose State University, where efforts are underway to introduce Move to Amend to students through engagement with Poly-Sci professors.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara County Move to Amend affiliate is not just advocating for change; they are strategically crafting a narrative of reform, engaging diverse groups and forging alliances that will shape the movement for a constitutional amendment.

Connecting Threads: A Tapestry of Change

While Greater Dayton Move to Amend and Santa Clara County Move to Amend operate on opposite sides of the country, their stories are interconnected by a common thread—a passion for change, a commitment to grassroots activism, and a belief in the transformative power of community engagement.

In Greater Dayton, the canvas is filled with the vibrant hues of artistic expression, providing a unique lens through which the community explores the complex relationship between money, politics, and democracy. In Silicon Valley, the brushstrokes of strategic advocacy paint a picture of change, with each action contributing to the larger narrative of reform.

These affiliates, though geographically distant, share a vision of a more just and equitable political system. They embody the essence of Move to Amend—a movement driven by individuals and communities working collaboratively to reshape the future. As we shine the Affiliate Spotlight on Greater Dayton Move to Amend and Santa Clara County Move to Amend, let their stories inspire and ignite the passion for change within us all.

Affiliate Spotlight: Voices Across the Nation

In commemoration of the Citizens United 14th anniversary, Move to Amend affiliates nationwide took pen to paper, elevating their voices through letters, OpEds, and submissions. And we wish to highlight the impactful media contributions of affiliates from coast to coast:

Greater Dayton Move to Amend: Echoes Across Ohio

In Ohio's heartland, members of Greater Dayton Move to Amend co-authored a compelling OpEd, strategically timed around the Citizens United anniversary. Their commentary, resonating across local newspapers, showcased a commitment to sparking crucial conversations about the intersection of money and politics.

Santa Clara County Move to Amend: Silicon Valley Conversations

On the West Coast, Santa Clara County Move to Amend members crafted impactful letters that found space in influential Silicon Valley newspapers. Addressing the repercussions of Citizens United, these messages sparked conversations in one of the nation's tech hubs, highlighting the affiliate's dedication to strategic advocacy.

Minnesota Move to Amend State Network: Collective Voice in the North Star State

In Minnesota, Move to Amend State Network members collectively contributed to media outreach through letters and OpEds. Their voices echoed in local publications, adding momentum to the larger movement for a constitutional amendment.

Affiliate Spotlight: Bridging Local Action with National Impact

As we celebrate this Affiliate Spotlight, we also recognize the impact of Move to Amend activists who, through their written expressions, brought attention to the ongoing struggle for a constitutional amendment. Each OpEd and letter contributed to a larger narrative of change, proving that local actions can indeed have national repercussions.

In the spirit of the Citizens United anniversary, let's continue amplifying our voices, engaging our communities, and working towards a democracy that truly represents "We the People."

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