Affiliate Spotlight - April 2024

Empowering Communities: Celebrating Democracy Day in Toledo & the Impact of Move to Amend Miami Ohio County

At Move to Amend, we're dedicated to empowering communities and amplifying voices for a more just and equitable society. In this blog post, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on two important aspects of our movement: the recent Democracy Day Public Hearing in Toledo and the impactful work of Move to Amend Miami Ohio County.

Democracy Day Public Hearing in Toledo:

Democracy Day 2024 in Toledo was a powerful testament to the strength of grassroots activism and community engagement. Held at the Council Chambers in One Government Center, this annual event drew an impressive crowd of 44 attendees, including seven council members – a significant increase from previous years.

The atmosphere was electric as 19 passionate presenters covered a diverse range of topics, from labor rights and healthcare to climate justice and constitutional reform. Attendees were encouraged to add their voices to the movement by signing the Move to Amend "Motion to Amend" petition. We're proud to report that a dozen new signatures were collected, along with three council members taking the Move to Amend "Pledge to Amend."

Special recognition goes to Dennis Slotnick and Tony Szilagye for their outstanding efforts in organizing this impactful event. Democracy Day serves as a vital platform for citizens to address the influence of big money in politics and corporate rule on their lives and communities.

Move to Amend Miami Ohio County Update:

Our affiliate in Miami Ohio County has been making waves with their dedication to advancing the Move to Amend mission. During their recent monthly meeting held via Zoom, members continued to make progress through the Move to Amend Educational Program (MEP), showcasing their commitment to education and empowerment.

In a remarkable display of activism, team member Dede Wissman had a letter to the editor published, highlighting candidates who have pledged to support the amendment ahead of the March 19 primary. Read the letter here.

Furthermore, on March 25, three team members embarked on a fascinating tour of Troy's wastewater treatment plant, gaining valuable insights into its operations and the evaluation of wastewater from local industries through the Industrial Pretreatment Program. On the same day, team member Deb Hogshead delivered a compelling presentation about Move to Amend to the Champaign County Democrats, resulting in four petition signatures collected and a request for group endorsement.

Our affiliate remains steadfast in their commitment to addressing pressing issues in their community, including the toxic lithium-ion battery burning in Piqua, which occurred in violation of an Ohio EPA permit.

Get Involved:

As we celebrate the successes of Democracy Day in Toledo and the impactful work of Move to Amend Miami Ohio County, we invite you to join us in our mission to reclaim democracy for the people. Whether it's attending local events, signing petitions, or spreading awareness, every action makes a difference in our collective efforts to build a more equitable future.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Move to Amend movement. Together, we can create real change and empower communities across the nation.

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