Affiliate Spotlight September 2021

We've said many times, 'we would be nothing without our affiliates and supporters.' They do a lot of the heavy-lifting, and that is why we want to recognize all they do for the movement.

Each month we will use this space to spotlight someone different. This month we want to spotlight our newly formed MTA San Antonio advocate group!  

On August 19th MTA San Antonio, along with Outreach Coordinator, Keyan Bliss, met with Congressman Castro’s Asst. Chief of Staff, Ben Thomas, to discuss the Congressman’s cosponsoring HJR48. Mr. Thomas recommend that the Congressman cosponsored, and he came onboard the very next day!  

Congratulations to our MTA SA, which consists of Paul Lehberger, a retired psychologist; Cathleen Stein, a retired teacher; Pharaoh Clark, a community organizer for a BLM affiliated group and well known to the Congressman; and Kort Jackson, a doctoral candidate and college professor.

The group has also been cultivating contacts with Next Door political groups, other political organizations, and church friends for some time. They attribute their success, in large part, to the lobbying efforts of their members and well over 20 volunteers from those groups.

If you live in the San Antonio, TX area and are interested in joining this group, please send an email to Paul for more details.