Affiliate Spotlight - March 2024

In the vast landscape of grassroots activism, Move to Amend proudly shines a spotlight on our dedicated affiliates, the unsung heroes orchestrating change at the local level. As we unravel the tapestry of their remarkable work, join us in celebrating these champions, each contributing in their unique way to the symphony of transformative change.

Greater Dayton Move to Amend: Advocacy in Harmony

Picture this: the Greater Dayton Move to Amend affiliate group takes center stage on Social Justice Day, captivating the audience with their articulate and impassioned advocacy. In a recent interview with Dayton's Universal Human Rights Coalition, they shared their journey, seamlessly weaving together the need for a constitutional amendment. Dive into the heart of their advocacy by watching the enlightening interview here.

Minnesota Move to Amend: Crafting Momentum with Purpose

The Minnesota Move to Amend affiliate group is not just raising awareness; they are crafting a narrative with purpose. A published Letter to the Editor on Minnpost is just a glimpse of their impact. Considering a move to ambit, an independent social media network, they are broadening their reach. With fervor, they champion MN SF384 & HF1064, aiming to position Minnesota as the 23rd state demanding a constitutional amendment with HJR 54. Their weekly collaboration with MoveOn and Public Citizens is a testament to their commitment to substantive change.

Santa Clara: Illuminating Pathways, Elevating Voices

Santa Clara Move to Amend is not merely contributing OpEds; they are crafting a compelling narrative of change, published in Mercury News. Visualize the impact as they prepare to table at Viva Calle in downtown San Jose and San Jose #EarthDay, directly engaging with their community. The youth group at San Jose State is not just emerging; it is structuring itself with a constitution guided by the principles of the We the People Amendment.

Montanans Move to Amend: Tradition Upheld, Resilience Embodied

In the expansive landscapes of Montana, Susan Kirchmyer from Montanans Move to Amend narrates a story of resilience. Despite challenges from the local realtors' council, the "We the People Day" proclamation, initiated by the late-mayor, continues to echo through time. The new mayor, amidst the meddling and maneuvering, decided to honor the tradition, with about 50 passionate souls in attendance. An article in the local paper immortalizes their commitment to a cause larger than themselves.

These affiliates are not just voices in the wind; they are architects of change, weaving the fabric of a more just society with every action. As we celebrate their contributions, we move one step closer to a community that resonates with the true heartbeat of its people.

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