A BIG announcement for Constitution Day

“These are unprecedented times” is a phrase we hear often lately. But to us, that only means one thing -- we must meet these unprecedented times with unprecedented solutions. And the harsh reality is, folks: we’re not going to be able to vote our way out of this situation. We’ve got to have bigger ideas. 


For over ten years Move to Amend has been the bold, principled, and unafraid leadership in the movement to dismantle corporate capitalism at a constitutional level.

We’ve not been shy to speak the truth about the origins of the United States.

We’ve not been hesitant to address the fact that the Constitution was written by slave owners who didn’t believe most people living on this continent were human beings.

We’ve not been quiet when saying that our Constitution was originally and ultimately still is a property rights document, not a human rights document.

We continue to make incredible progress toward passing the 28th Amendment to abolish corporate personhood and money as speech. We’ve been studying the constitutions and constitutional renewal processes of nations around the world. We’ve also been having conversations across this country, asking folks to envision what an entirely renewed constitution could look like. We’ve been asking the question, “if we could reimagine the Constitution today, what would we want to be in it?" 

So we invite you to join us for a virtual Peoples Movement Assembly to boldly envision that goal...

"Toward a People's Constitution"

October 24-25th

This conversation might not be for everyone. But if you’re ready to come together with other passionate people and envision together what we would want in a Peoples Constitution -- and figure out how to build towards that vision -- you are invited.

This two day event will include art shares, panel discussions, small group breakouts, planning and community building. Move to Amend is partnering with other organizations like the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and A Radical Guide to put forth a rich and visionary weekend October 24th and 25th. 

Learn more and RSVP at MoveToAmend.org/PMA

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