[OHIO] Kent Democracy Day Public Hearing

This will be the 8th Democracy Day in Kent

Yard sign for Kent citizens initiative calling on Congress to pass the We the People Amendment and create "Democracy Day" public hearings. The  2015 initiative passed with 64% of the vote.


Wednesday, October 4, 6pm ET
Council Chambers, Council Chambers, Main Fire Station, 320 South Depeyster St., Kent


I am hoping for a great turn-out either to present or learn about speakers’ perspectives on the proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution – the “WE THE PEOPLE AMENDMENT” (HJR54)  – which would legalize democracy by freeing “we the people” from corporate rule and get the money out of politics and elections.

A well-recognized summary is that the proposed amendment would remove personhood from corporations and eliminate that money is a form of speech. We want to repeal the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

So, the bottom line is the public hearing before City Council will be about how corporations have abused democracy and taken control of our political and financial lives in the name of capitalism, renamed “corporatism.”

Why? Because corporations control democracy. They are the winners and, in many respects, we are the losers. Capitalism is about making “big and dark money” that is accumulated by the plutocrats at the top and not shared with “we the people.”

There are lots of perspectives on this issue at MOVETOAMEND.ORG to help give you ideas in order to prepare your 3-5 minute talk to City Council.  

Looking forward to seeing you at the Democracy Day public hearing! 

-- Bill Wilen

October 04, 2023 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Kent Council Chambers, Council Chambers, Main Fire Station, 320 South Depeyster St.
William Wilen ·

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