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  • rsvped for ONLINE: HJR48 Lobby Training (118th Congress) 2023-01-27 12:10:33 -0800

    ONLINE: HJR48 Lobby Training (118th Congress)

    You are invited to join us to kickoff this 118th Congress with a Lobby Training Session!

    Tuesday February 07, 2023 at 5:00pm - 6pm PST

    Unsure how to talk to your representative? Need clarification on the process? Could use some talking points for HJR48? 

    This training would be great for you!

    We will be discussing all of that and more to try to push legislation through our various avenues. 

    Please bring any questions you have,

    All power to the people!

    TO join RSVP below:



    February 07, 2023 at 5:00pm
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    The current protests regarding the murder of George Floyd emphasize that until The People demand Democracy instead of corporate rule nothing meaningful will ever change in Washington, DC. The Establishment could not be happier than to see countless well-meaning but inchoate protests for in-specific reform. Until these these protests and related movements coalesce around specific structural change nothing will change. Only the 28th Amendment, as proposed by Move to Amend, meets that standard.

    Please advise on your relationship, if any, to the American Promise organization.

    Finally, I wish that I had unlimited time and/or money to devote to this cause, our cause. I am fortunate that my employment situation provides me some measure of personal freedom and resources to support M2A. Maybe my imminent retirement will fix one of these restrictions.

    In solidarity,

    Steve Kane

    Worcester, PA

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Steven Kane

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