We Need an Independence Day from SCOTUS

“There are weeks where decades happen” might be the only way to describe this past week (though many would argue this feeling has been present for many months now). The Supreme Court has just concluded a whirlwind of devastating rulings, reminding us of their purpose: to ensure that corporations and the super wealthy will always have “more” Constitutional protections at the expense of the rights of individuals, communities and nature.

Make no mistake: the Supreme Court is an illegitimate institution that has primarily functioned as an enemy of “We the People” across history.

Move to Amend exists to correct some of the most egregious doctrines generated from the Supreme Court over our country’s short history, such as the dubious notion that “corporations are people, entitled to Constitutional rights” (Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, 1886),  “money is free speech, protected by the First Amendment” (Buckley vs. Valeo, 1976), and their infamous love-child Citizens United vs. FEC, 2010  which made crystal clear that corporations have the “right” to flood unlimited amounts of money, without disclosure, into our already-corrupted political system.

So it should be no surprise that in this past week, this (bought) Court has further legalized political bribery, handed regulatory power from federal agencies over to corporations, and granted total immunity to the president. All of this and more, while declaring open season for cities and counties to criminalize the rapidly-growing segment of the population who cannot afford skyrocketing housing costs and are forced to live outside with nowhere else to go. 

- What Went Down -

Bribery & the Appearance of Corruption
In Snyder v. US, the unelected judges gutted an existing federal anti-corruption statute by ruling it is NOT bribery for a state official to receive gifts as a reward for a particular state action, as long as the gift is made after the action.

Regulatory Power
Overturned a 40-year old ruling known as the Chevron decision in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, which facilitated federal oversight of environmental regulations, public health measures, worker and consumer protections, when laws were not clear. Now, the Court has effectively grabbed that power for itself — ruling that judges have the final say over such regulatory actions, regardless of their scientific qualifications or knowledge of the measure. This decision is expected to “shock” the court system with billions of dollars worth of legal challenges against all-manner of regulatory law that might limit environmental destruction, wage theft, unsafe working conditions, price-gouging, or other unhealthy practices that protect everyday people and our habitats– a massive win for corporate rule with far-reaching implications.

EPA Good Neighbor Rule
Ruled to suspend the EPA's "good neighbor" rule, which aims to limit air pollution spreading across states.. This decision, prompted by challenges from several states and industries, is a major blow to federal regulatory powers.

SEC v. Jarkesy
Ruled that individuals accused of fraud by the Securities Exchange Commission have the right to a jury trial in federal court, stripping the SEC of its ability to use in-house proceedings for such cases, which the court deemed unconstitutional. This decision is expected to impact how other similarly-structured regulatory agencies may conduct civil proceedings, including Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission, the Department of Agriculture, and many others.

Affirmative Action Struck Down (even more)
Ruled against affirmative action in college admissions, claiming that programs at the University of North Carolina and Harvard College violated the Constitution's equal protection clause (remember the 14th Amendment has been used more to provide “equal protection” to corporations and white people than it has ever been used for its intended purpose – to protect against the systemic discrimination of people of color).

Grant’s Pass Overturned 
Ruled in favor of cities enforcing bans on people sleeping in public spaces – overturning a lower court's decision that deemed it unconstitutional to criminalize homelessness under the Eighth Amendment, in the absence of housing and adequate shelter space. Amid an historic rise in homelessness due to a multi-faceted (and artificial) housing crisis, it is now no longer considered “cruel and unusual punishment” to arrest and fine people for the crime of existing in public if they cannot afford housing or find shelter. 

Presidential Immunity
Ruled that all living Presidents are now above the law in Trump vs. the United States, broadly granting them “absolute immunity” from criminal prosecution for all “official acts” taken while in office. 

 - What is to be Done? -

  • Overrule the Court! Continue to spread the word about the #WeThePeopleAmendment, call your reps and share the petition!

  • Find and join an action in your area! There will be protests planned for Federal Buildings and Courthouses across the country throughout the rest of the week and beyond, particularly related to the Chevron and Grant's Pass decisions.

  • Host your own Move to Amend House Party! Help build the democracy movement by educating and mobilizing your own community out of despair and into strategic action. We have houseparty kits available in our store.

  • Donate to support the movement! As a movement organization that is fully funded by the grassroots, we are powered by small donations...but it means we have to keep asking, especially during a chaotic election year. Please consider a one-time or monthly sustaining donation to keep this work going (if you are already supporting our work, THANK YOU!).

Let this radicalize us (toward REAL systemic change) rather than lead us to despair. Onward to the world we deserve!

In solidarity against corporate rule,

Jennie, Tara, Shelly, George, Daniel, Margaret, Michael, Jessica, Katie, Keyan, Greg, Cole, Alfonso & Jason 

- Move to Amend National Team 

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