Move to Amend local affiliates in Washington state, as well as Move to Amend National, are coalition partners in a group called "Fix Democracy First." 

After the success of Initiative 735 in getting the State of Washington on record as the 18th state calling for a Constitutional Amendment that would end decisions like Citizens United, WAmend (the Washington Coalition to Amend the Constitution) did not want to dissolve. Instead is was decided that the energies put into this movement would continue on, and WAmend has now merged with Fix Democracy First, which was a major coalition member and backer of I-735.

Fix Democracy First, formerly Washington Public Campaigns, decided to expand it's focus from public financing of elections, to include other issues related to achieving a true democratic system, such as supporting the Washington Voting Rights Act, automatic voter registration, alternative voting systems such as Ranked Choice Voting, and continuing the push for a 28th Amendment. The merge with WAmend has helped expand outreach throughout Washington as we continue our efforts both locally and statewide.

The amendment would settle for once and for all that:

  • Constitutional rights belong only to individual people, NOT corporations;
  • Spending money is NOT free speech under the First Amendment;
  • Governments are empowered to regulate political contributions and expenditures to prevent undue influence; and
  • Political contributions and expenditures must be promptly disclosed to the public.

Click HERE for final text of Initiative 735.

Click HERE to find out more about Fix Democracy First and how you can get involved with their statewide work!



The Grinch Who Stole Democracy

July 19, 2017

After Donald Trump ascended to the presidency, despite losing the popular vote by an astounding margin, there just wasn't a lot of cheering to be heard in Whoville. Trump is like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, with the notable exception that Trump doesn't have a heart, not even one ten sizes too small.  

Our mission is to establish authentic, participatory democracy for all people, not corporations. Our first goal is to help build a diverse democracy movement capable of passing the We the People Amendment. The amendment abolishes corporate constitutional rights (corporate personhood) and money as free political speech. 

If you're new to Move to Amend, or joining the growing resistance; if you want to do more, but don't know where to start, or if your #1 issue just hit a brick wall built by the corporatized state, we invite you to volunteer with Move to Amend, the Campaign to Legalize Democracy!

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