Submission Guidelines for Articles on the Corporate Rule

How does corporate rule affect my daily life?

The Corporate Rule page is a section on the Move to Amend website on which people can read concrete examples of how corporate rule (particularly the false legal doctrines of corporate constitutional rights and money as political free speech) is affecting people’s self-governance on the ground where they live. This page offers micro views of specific impacts of corporate power in a town, city, or county that denies the rights of local democracy (e.g. a public school that was closed and then opened as a for-profit charter school).

Write these articles with the goal of drawing-in readers who are not necessarily familiar with these issues. Give readers a clear, concise, informative picture. Help them see how corporate constitutional rights and money as free speech are being exploited to create the situation you describe. The complexity and vastness of the problem of corporate rule can be a barrier to building our movement, and the aim of the Corporate Rule page is for these small stories to inspire clarity, understanding and action.

Guidelines for a Submission:

Provide the following details:

Your name:




Affiliate you are associated with, if any: 

Using the following kinds of information, briefly report on your local, corporate-related assault (approximately 500 words):

  • Name of the corporation, government agency or organization that is taking advantage of corporate rule
  • Its location and a brief description of the products or services it provides
  • Nature of the action or assault being imposed on the people, land, community, or workers of the affected jurisdiction
  • The regulation, constitutional “right” or anti-democratic power you see as enabling these assaultive actions
  • Any corporate history or scale of operations particularly relevant to the story
  • Any resident activity underway to counter this assault, or your proposal for such activity
  • Optional: one or more photos and/or links to relevant videos
  • Optional: links where readers can learn more about the topic

A sub-committee will review and edit the article and respond to you within two to three weeks. Editing will be based on consistency with established guidelines and English grammar.

To submit your article, please send a .doc document to Jennie Spanos at [email protected], with the Subject: "Corporate Rule Story: [title of your piece]".

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