Resolution Passed by Anchorage Assembly

On Tuesday December 18th 2018, the Anchorage Assembly gave the local Move to Amend affiliate an early Christmas gift by unanimously passing a resolution that supports amending the U.S. Constitution to end constitutional rights for artificial persons, and to clarify that money is not free speech.

The action was the result of several years of work by volunteers of the local affiliate. They went to the local units of governance, called community councils, and educated the members regarding the need for a resolution. Out of 29 councils that were addressed, 23 eventually passed resolutions. The volunteers then started contacting their assembly members requesting that such a resolution be passed at the city level.

The Anchorage affiliate continues to reach out to other communities across Alaska with the goal of informing concerned citizens about the issue, and hoping to help form other affiliates across Alaska. A statewide campaign to include Fairbanks and Juneau is being planned for spring.

Two other communities have already passed such resolutions, including Sitka and Homer. Work is being done in Haines. Anyone in other corners of the state interested in learning more are encouraged to contact the Anchorage group through email address [email protected]


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