Onto a new year with Move to Amend

Hi, I'm Thom Hartmann – author and progressive political commentator. Many of you know me from my nationally syndicated radio show, the Thom Hartmann Program.

I'm also a longtime supporter of Move to Amend! Please join with me in supporting their work to pass a Constitutional amendment to end “corporate personhood” and get big money out of politics by becoming a monthly donor.

As we leave 2022, the Movement to Amend continues to survive chaotic and distracting election seasons, an ongoing global pandemic, economic meltdowns and the corrupt neoliberal/conservative establishment that I report on daily. 

And Move to Amend, well...this movement is giving me a reason to hope. Amid all of the chaos, fear, and uncertainty -- this committed and passionate group of activists helped secure a record 95 #WeThePeopleAmendment cosponsors in the House to close out the 117th Congress! 

And with a newly hired Legislative Director and a commitment from Rep. Pramila Jayapal to reintroduce House Joint Resolution into the next session -- Move to Amend is poised to hit the ground running in 2023. Help them meet their goals in the 118th Congress by becoming a sustaining donor! Whether it's $10, $29 or $100/mo -- every commitment to help sustain this work makes a huge difference.

I remain hopeful about the future because of groups like Move to Amend. Working with a committed and passionate group of leaders who understand the changes needed in the U.S. is rare, and something that I am incredibly proud to support.

Because Move to Amend is almost entirely funded by individual donors, monthly sustaining donations are critical to be able to plan and budget for all of the work that lies ahead -- please consider becoming a sustainer for 2023!

For over a decade, I have used my position in the media to help push for an end to corporate personhood (i.e. a corporation is not a person) and for the cause that Move to Amend leads across the country. Because I, like you, understand that corporate constitutional rights are standing in the way of every movement’s success -- from environmental justice and climate change action, to the for-profit prison system that incentivizes the warehousing of human beings -- and we can’t win as long as these corporations have more rights and resources than we do.

I can tell you a hundred ways the #WeThePeopleAmendment would transform our system, but I know you won’t read an email that long. So, instead, I am going to ask YOU to take action today and help Move to Amend move forward and continue the work by becoming a sustainer today.

Move to Amend is the one group confronting corporate personhood head on and winning. Please join with me in supporting their work. Move to Amend needs to raise $96,000 to end 2022 in the black -- please join me in supporting this critical people's movement.

And thanks to a handful of generous donors, all donations up to $48,000 through December 31 will be matched.

No one else is doing the work Move to Amend does. They're building a multi-cultural, intergenerational, cross-class movement through community education, barnstorming tours, internal movement education, direct action, passing ballot initiatives and resolutions in support of the We the People Amendment, alliance and coalition building, and convincing candidates through the Pledge to Amend campaign to support our amendment.

Move to Amend is on the frontlines of building a broad, deep, and diverse democracy movement, which we urgently need to grow in the New Year. Please join with me in sustaining this critical work.

The Move to Amend analysis is spot on.Our problem is a structural one and requires a structural fix. Chipping away at the edges of corporate political spending is not going to change the hundreds of ways corporations are allowed by law to overrule human and community self-determination.

Many groups talking about “corporate personhood” are only working on the money in politics angle. History teaches us that’s nowhere near enough. The campaign finance system was already broken before Citizens United, so merely reversing the decision won’t actually fix the problem. The problem is corporations with 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendment rights, coupled with limited liability and other benefits. We must end all corporate constitutional rights once and for all. Then the two major parties will offer up candidates people actually want to vote for, instead of perpetually voting out of fear.

For well over ten years, I’ve supported Move to Amend -- and I intend to keep it up. It’s one of the best investments in democracy I’ve ever made. Please join with me in sustaining this critical work.

And remember, if you give before December 31st your contribution will be matched up to $48,000!

As we brace for the year ahead, Move to Amend is a light in these dark times. By engaging and empowering the real sovereigns of this nation—We the People—Move to Amend is providing a path forward which will ultimately deliver the promise of democracy in the United States. 

Hatred and oppression or real transformative democracy? It’s a no-brainer. Please contribute to Move to Amend today!

Yours in the movement to amend,

Thom Hartmann

P.S. Each year I help Move to Amend raise nearly 1/3 of their annual budget in the final month of the year, and this year is no exception. If they don't make their goal it would be a real tragedy and setback for the democracy movement – please join me in donating to Move to Amend today!

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