Next Generation Caucus (Next Gen Caucus)

Young people are leading the way -- in resistance to climate collapse and in building a democratic future. The Move to Amend Next Generation Caucus is a group of young people--mostly 35 and under-- who create, advise, and do outreach for and with Move to Amend. This caucus came out of a dynamic group of young organizers who saw the need for a place for their perspective within Move to Amend. Anyone is welcome to join, but the group is led by young people. 

The Next Gen Caucus is formed with the intentions of providing a space for younger people (loosely described as 35 and under) to converge and benefit their communities by growing our base at Move To Amend, widening demography of support and awareness, revitalizing the movement, and establish affiliate or working group in colleges. We are still in the formative stages of planning and strategy, having met twice so far - so now is the best time to jump in the fold and help us develop.

We hope to exist as an arm of the National MTA campaign by addressing specific youth-centric issues, events and concepts - which we will learn more about through outreach and collaboration within the caucus. Our ideal meeting format will consist of video conferences with open-ended, dialogue-heavy opportunities for discussion and progression.

In our role, the Next Gen Caucus will work to help further the four areas of focus that National Staff identified last year, which are: to increase petition signers, increase organizational endorsements/engagements, fundraising, and secure new co-sponsors. Next Gen volunteers can act as liaisons on school campuses and petition on our behalf, wherein the caucus can be the missing link needed to connect with external active youth. Our members could help with fundraising calls and provide personal stories about how donations would help other young activists do more. Reps/Sens simply love seeing young constituents, can help to tilt the barometer. 

Some of the organizational and conceptual tactics we have come up with so far are: for our group to maintain singular large goals (with frequent goalposts to celebrate success along the way), establish local solidarity with other justice groups, join forces with other student groups on campus, offer actionable campaigns for students to self-involve, provide support for what young people are already prioritizing, encourage youth to get to the core of systemic issues, give assistance and show solidarity towards other organizations, and reach out to national youth led campaigns to work with.

Are you 35 or under? Would you take our quick survey? 

Please join our next call

Calls are the 1st Monday of each month at 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern 

Join by zoom video here or dial-in:

+16699006833 - meeting ID 9163188040# US (San Jose)

+16465588656 - meeting ID 9163188040# US (New York)

If this will be your first conference call with Move to Amend, we recommend you contact us first to chat about your interest in the Next Generation Caucus. Email Victoria Brennan at [email protected]