Megan is inviting you to participate in a direct democracy Climate Action 

This is a grassroots referendum that would do two things:

(1) immediately restore the ability of California regulators to limit greenhouse gas emissions from the oil & gas industry, and; 

(2) require our state to pursue real emissions reductions to achieve our “net zero” target by 2045.

The entire language of the referendum is on the website. The idea is to request a signature page with 5 slots and have your friends, neighbors, and family sign (no abbreviations allowed), you fill out the bottom of the page and send it back in the envelope provided. Hopefully, others will be inspired to do the same as you and if you feel you can get more signatures, you can request more signature pages.

The legislature and Governor are moving too slowly and have not met our Carbon reduction goals. This is a way to get faster Climate Action!

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