It Will Take Amendment To Fix Political Spending.

A letter to the Editor of the San Jose Mercury-News by Brian Carr, member of the Santa Clara County affiliate of MTA, was published on December 18, 2020. Here it is:

Michael Sozan's opinion piece ("End campaign spending by foreign-influenced U.S. firms," Dec. 15) calling for an end to spending in American elections by foreign-influenced corporations is probably supported by most people. Unfortunately, his solutions are unlikely to pass constitutional muster by the Supreme Court, particularly with the new 6-3 conservative majority. The doctrine of Citizens United needs to be repealed, and the best and probably only way to accomplish this now is by amending the Constitution.

The national organization Move to Amend has sponsored HJR 48, calling for a constitutional amendment overturning the Citizens United decision and confirming that constitutional rights belong to people and not corporations. It already has 75 congressional sponsors. If you reject foreign influence in our elections, not to mention the flood of corporate money in our politics, lend your support to organizations like Move to Amend.

— Brian Carr, San Jose

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