Mayday for Money for a Just Transition

As we continue to move further into climate collapse and through other violent impacts of our pay-to-play system of government, it is imperative that we boldly connect the dots of corporate seizure of inalienable constitutional rights that are meant for human beings, to work and stand in allyship with individuals and organizations that have a vision and strategy for a transition to a just future. 

Move to Amend has always focused on getting at the roots of problems, to end corporate personhood and build a vibrant democracy that values people over profits. Since its inception, we have grown into a coalition of hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals committed to social, environmental and economic justice and we have achieved that by thinking outside the realm of what we’ve been taught to believe is possible and exploring big questions as well as unsettling truths.

Controlling money creation over generations has made giant (banking) corporations so strong they have succeeded in corrupting the courts into highjack our constitutional rights as if they were living, breathing, jailable human beings.

You well know that corporations now spend all they want on politicians and media, shielded from public accountability.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! That is why we are working to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations (including banks), are persons entitled to constitutional rights as proposed in the We the People Amendment (HJR 54).

Our coalition partners, at Alliance for Just Money have issued a distress call for our predatory system of money, which is structurally incapable of serving our people and planet. 

Corporate controlled media will not raise up the issues and solutions so organizing with people and allied organizations and raising our voices in public spaces is vital to make the direct link between furthering the issues and solutions we all care about and abolishing “corporate personhood”. This is how we are going to build a movement strong enough to address the magnitude of the problem.

We invite you to join us in answering their Mayday for Money for a Just Transition March Call-to-Action in Chicago, May 18!  

It's crucial that we take action in moments like this, Jennie. 

Will you start a $5 monthly donation to help us raise up our visibility to keep the pressure on Congress to end corporate personhood and unlimited money in our elections?

Yes, I'll chip in monthly.

"Mayday for Money" proposes returning to Congress its constitutional responsibility for money creation – stable, debt-free, public money that circulates in perpetuity to sustain our commerce. Just Money for Just Democracy!

  • Require Congress to be the sole creator of all U.S. money debt-free.

  • End the privilege of commercial banks to create money as debt.

  • Transfer all remaining operations of the Federal Reserve System to the U.S. Treasury.

Not only do banks have the current power to create money as debt, but the power to distribute it -- to risky mortgages, fossil fuel extraction and speculation rather than to meet the real needs of people and renewable energy and conservation.

That is why Move to Amend is collaborating with Alliance for Just Money to make the connection between corporate constitutional rights and our monetary system. Together we can achieve a just, transparent, democratic, and sustainable systems that are accountable to the people.

Will you start a $5 monthly donation to help us build our coalition, raise up our visibility to keep the pressure on Congress to end corporate personhood and unlimited money in our elections?

On this journey with real People!

Warmly in solidarity,

Shelly, George, Daniel, Jennie, Keyan, Michael, Katie, Margaret, Alfonso, Jessica, Jason, Tara, Cole, & Greg