House Parties for Democracy

Help spread the word about Move to Amend and raise funds to support the campaign!

Use our mini documentary about Move to Amend, called "Legalize Democracy".
This film is a 30 minute explanation of why we need an amendment to the Constitution to make clear that corporations are not people and money is not speech. It is fast-paced, educational, and inspirational! It is the perfect "entertainment" for your party, and will give your friends a great introduction for why you support Move to Amend, and why they should too!

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Check out our webinar session on "How to Host a Houseparty"

What’s a Move to Amend houseparty?

A house party is a fun social gathering of friends, family (both yours and MTA’s) and neighbors who are committed to getting money out of politics! They will be asked to help by making a donation to Move to Amend or by becoming a monthly donor.  Basically, anyone who wants to have a good time, learn something new, and consider a financial gift to Move to Amend is welcome! 

Unlike parties where you buy a ticket to attend, at a house party people do not need to buy a ticket in advance, but they understand that they will be asked to donate during the party.  House parties are successful fundraising events for political candidates and advocacy organizations, so most of your guests will expect to be asked at the party.

As a supporter of Move to Amend, it is also a great opportunity for you, our gracious host, to share your own MTA story and encourage others to join you in your commitment to ending corporate rule and legalizing democracy.

Who can host a party?

Let’s put it this way: You say “I’ve got a venue”, we say “WHEN?!”  If you’re reading this, YOU can host a house party.

How big are the parties?

Attendance to our parties have been anywhere between 10 and 200. You decide who to invite, based on the party size you want. If you request it, in addition to the friends you invite from your own list, we can send an email invitation to Move to Amend supporters in your area to invite them as well, and we can provide you with a list of names and phone numbers to make follow up calls.

How much does it cost to host a party?

It really all depends on the number of people and the type of food you decide to serve. You can make it as simple or as extravagant as you wish. House parties can be as simple as appetizers or dessert, or a catered affair. Potlucks work too! You know best what your friends and neighbors will enjoy.

We sell "Houseparty Kits" for hosts. The kits include our 30 minute introduction to Move to Amend DVD, bumperstickers, buttons, and stamps. You can show the DVD as part of your party program, and then offer the other items to large donors, as door prizes, or through a drawing -- whatever you want!

Houseparty Kits are available here (kit only available for order if you will be hosting a fundraising houseparty)

*All house party expenses will be counted as an in-kind donation*

What is expected of the host?

There are a few things we ask of our gracious hosts:

  • Brainstorm a guest list (in addition to inviting your friends, you can choose to make your party open to other Move to Amend supporters in your area, and we will send an email inviting them to the event and send you a list to call as well)
  • Provide refreshments for the party
  • Purchase a Houseparty Kit to have Move to Amend materials on hand.
  • Make a fundraising pitch at the party
  • Recruit one person to be prepared to make a gift to get the giving started.

How much money am I expected to raise?

We ask you to set a goal based on what you think you can raise. We're suggesting at least $250 per party, but there’s no minimum and, most definitely, no maximum fundraising requirement. PLUS, more than raising money, the biggest value that a house party brings to Move to Amend is the opportunity to make new friends and allies in the struggle for money out of politics.

Where does the money go?

The money you raise will go to support Move to Amend's organizing work for a Constitutional amendment. Move to Amend has a lean budget and we stretch our dollars as far as they can go. Here are just some of the projects we need funds to support:

  • Our speakers tour the country offering educational events 12 months out of the year. To save money, our speakers stay with local hosts rather than sleep in hotels, but we still need to pay for airfare, rental cars, gas, and materials.
  • We organize weekend long conferences throughout the country to bring in new people and train our volunteers with the analysis and organizing skills needed to build a movement.
  • Our database is a cutting edge organizing tool that helps us engage with our list of 300,000+ supporters. This robust tool comes with a price tag of $1500/month, plus requires staff to train and support our hundreds of grassroots leaders who use the system.
  • Our website is the most comprehensive place to find information about the history and impacts of corporate personhood and how to build a movement to amend the Constitution. The website costs $1000/month to host, and staffing to keep it up to date.
  • Support for our 50+ volunteer affiliate groups around the country. Most folks involved with Move to Amend at the national and local level are volunteers, but we do have a small staff and a team of committed interns who support the organizing happening all over the country. We do this through our website, by telephone, and in person. We need financial support to keep the lights on, internet cranking and the phone calls coming. It is a big job organizing a nationwide movement, and we couldn't do it without our dedicated staff.

*Move to Amend affiliate groups have the option of splitting proceeds 50/50 with the national office as a means to help raise funds to directly support local Move to Amend organizing.

What resources do you have to support me?

We have created several resources to make hosting a party a piece of cake.

If you choose, we'd also be happy to send an email invitation to your party to other Move to Amend supporters in your area, as well as provide you with a phone list so you can make follow up phone calls if you like (please be sure to plan to invite your own friends as well, but inviting other Move to Amend supporters gives you a chance to meet new like-minded people and increase attendance at your party).

Still not sure if you're ready to party for Move to Amend?

If you have additional questions or have creative party ideas that you’d like to discuss, please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Milly Harmon at [email protected].

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