Ending Fossil Fuel Use is Linked to Ending Corporate Constitutional Rights Abuse

We Need a Democracy Amendment to the U. S. Constitution

Our campaign finance system allows big donors to control government policies to further enrich themselves.  The power of wealthy special interests is the major barrier to enacting the Green New Deal.

The Supreme Court has also implied that corporations have Constitutional rights. Exxon has claimed in federal court that its lying about climate change is protected by its rights under the First Amendment (Grist.org, 6/19/18)!


 Picture courtesy of www.priceoil.org

We the People cannot let perverse Supreme Court decisions undermine democracy or we face many decades of worsening inequality and climate crisis denial. The most effective way to strengthen democracy is by amending the US Constitution to affirm that Congress and the states may regulate the raising and spending of money in elections and that Constitutional rights belong only to human beings.

Take Action 

Tell your member of Congress to co-sponsor H. J. Res. 54, the We the People Amendment. Move to Amend is supporting the strongest version of a Constitutional Amendment that would restore citizen power and weaken the grip of transnational corporations on our government. It has been introduced by Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal. Representatives Jamie Raskin of MD and Eleanor Holmes Norton of DC are among 73 co-sponsors. Thirty (30) of the sponsors of Green New Deal are also signed on to H. J. Res. 48.

[The text of the above and attached flyer, including images, largely comes from a flyer produced by our Maryland partner group, Get Money out of Maryland]

➤➤ MTA Green New Deal Flyer - Word (.doc)