End Fossil Fuels March

Eco-Net and Move to Amend Will

New York on September 17th, 2023!

This event is about demanding an #EndtoFossilFuels! It's about recognizing the undeniable connection between fossil fuels and corporate rule.

Join staff and other passionate and dedicated supporters taking action and Marching to End Fossil Fuels, in the heart of New York City. 

We will march to lift up the urgency to end Fossil Fuel corporations which constitutionally possess the right to plunder the planet.  Let us know we can count on you.

At Move to Amend and the Eco- Net, we firmly believe that we cannot achieve environmental justice without tackling the root cause of corporate influence in our political system. The continued dominance of fossil fuel giants over our energy policies and regulations exemplifies the extent of corporate control that plagues our democracy.

We march in solidarity with the broader movement, highlighting the pivotal role of the "We the People" amendment in combating corporate personhood and restoring power to the people. Only by enacting this crucial amendment can we break free from the shackles of corporate rule and pave the way for a sustainable, equitable future.

Join us, if you can, in this historic demonstration, as we unite our voices to end the grip of fossil fuels and reclaim our democracy for the greater good of humanity and the planet. Together, we can build a world where the will of the people prevails over corporate interests, fostering an era of true climate justice and genuine democracy.

This is not just another protest. This is a powerful movement of change, and we need your presence to make a resounding impact. Together, we will send a clear message to our world leaders – especially President Biden – that it's time to put an end to the era of fossil fuels and invest in a clean and sustainable future for all.

In New York this September, the United Nations will gather world leaders for a first-of-its-kind Climate Ambition Summit to demand that nations stop developing new oil, gas and coal projects and begin phasing out fossil fuels once and for all. With his recent approvals for mega-polluting projects like the Willow Oil Drilling Project and the Mountain Valley Pipeline, President Biden must immediately reverse course to earn his seat at the table. But it will take all of us acting together to make sure he does.

While we breathe toxic air and the hottest days ever recorded on the planet, President Biden protects fossil fuel profits instead of people. From the Willow Project to the Gulf, Biden has propped up dangerous oil and gas projects and the corporations that value their bottom line over our future. It has to stop. 

This September, in the largest climate march since the pandemic, thousands will march in New York City to demand President Biden take bold action to End Fossil Fuels. 

There might be a bus coming from your location - Let us know if you need transportation to NY!

RSVP for more information on how to take action. 

I hope you can join! And feel free to forward this message to anybody who you think might be interested in taking action with us.



September 17, 2023 at 12:00pm - 3pm
New York

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