Educators Caucus

About the Educators Caucus

Educators know the devastating effect of corporate rule and money in politics in a very real way. The privatization of education and undue influence of money in politics has real consequences for teachers, students, and others who work in education. Many current and retired teachers come to Move to Amend and have insight about this experience, and how to develop materials for outreach. Many affiliate groups want to build relationships with local schools, teachers, and students. We're excited to facilitate that! 

Over the years we have met so many educators who care deeply about abolishing corporate rule, and so many volunteers who want to talk to teachers about the Movement. We're building space to create and support programs for students and teachers about democracy. We also want to create a place where educators can talk to (other) organizers and support them in reaching out to schools. 

 If you're curious, join our next call or email [email protected]

Current Projects

Constitution Day is September 17th! 

Each year, educational institutions which receive federal funding must provide programming on the US Constitution around September 17th, Constitution Day. This provides Move to Amend an opportunity to get into schools and make connections with educators, administrators, and students. We encourage Move to Amend supporters and affiliates to reach out to their contacts in schools as well as make new contacts with local schools and offer to provide materials or present material to students yourself!

Visit for materials! 

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